Siblings of the Day

Today stands still and Yesterday runs away…
Tomorrow sprints forward with exhilaration... 
Chasing Yesterday with eyes set on Tomorrow, 
Today quickly loses its elation 

Reason enters and proclaims, "This chase never ends well…" 
But Insanity begs to differ.

Insanity invites Want to better the odds, while Emotion tightly clenches to the winning side.
Reason tries to offer its wisdom time and time again,
But Reason's voice often gets denied.

Yesterday doesn't plan on being caught. 
The chase will never get easier, no matter the strength of Want. 
Want can be selfish, so it allows Insanity to lead the way. 
Yesterday will never keep up with Tomorrow.
Today will never become Yesterday.

Today continues to have an open mind. 
Today loves to try new things. 
Today wants to stay close.
Today wants only to spread its wings. 

Today doesn't want to run wild. 
Today only wants to be loved.
But Today will commonly feel like, 
The only unwanted child.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.
Though their traits are so different,
Their Mother is the same.

Today lives in the moment and often gets neglected. 
Tomorrow is innocent and blinded by misdirection. 
Yesterday runs away, it is the oldest of them all. 
While Reason is normally silenced… Insanity, Want, and Emotion all seem to have a ball.
Want reveals things many spend their entire lives searching for.
Only to realize that it was in fact Today they'd been yearning for.

Many things are lost Today because Yesterday's Chase is just far too long.  
Tomorrow never matures, and new things fade away. 
All because no one listened to Reason, about the Siblings of the Day.


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