Shut Out by Injustice


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(poems go here) Shut Out by Injustice
The only way I will ever feel in this empty world of hatred is belittled.
The whiplash created from the names being thrown out left to right.
The taunting laughs of the brothers and sisters who are supposed to be there for me.
The whirling whispers floating among the ruins of a man’s soul.
The dark, foreboding time in which black creeps over your hulking figure.
Finally, Death settles his cold, bony fingers upon your withering heart and invites you to his icy realm.
The murkiness will forever keep me chained to the throne of Injustice.
The guards of Injustice all go by their names Discrimination, Violence, Rejection, and Depression.
He loves to hear the cries of pain emitted from my mouth.
As he smokes his cigars, a black ring flows out of his mouth.
A million years will have passed and I will still be in the same spot.
Listening to the jeering and vulgar language that is thrown at me.
I will be here for the years when he rules over the corrupted.
At the Throne of Injustice

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