Sh*t you can't say to your teacher


Lincoln, Nebraska
United States

Sh*t you cant tell your teacher

Yo teach

I love homo

Professor im not professing my passions

But rather

Your actions

have created repercussions in me


You see im a typical principled skeptical white jew with testicles

nearly invisible

cause theres no noticeable obstacle in my life

Born in hospital to be moved to a cubicle to become a statistical stereotypical guy whos only historical highpoint will be his political viewpoint


But you teach

preached and screeched and reached in each in ear and leeched away the idea that my life was bleached

You didnt teach me history

In your class I got a

I didnt learn more about the american revolution

Except for the one that happened in me

You pried open my insides cast aside my pride and found the prize

i realized

I matter

And you stuck with me

From parents pissed that i passed with only a

Just pushing me until i nearly burst open at the seams

seems i didnt know that that i was more than a classic graphic t's and jeans

Dreams of becoming something now make me excited

Delighted to be undecided and perplexed on what to do next

You guided me past impossibilities and the clatter

Scattering the concept that i am a carbon copy

Thanks to you teach

I now know

I matter




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