Shrinking Scream


Normalcy was the chaos.

Each day passing with the hopes for happiness and cheer at dawn

And the cries and disappointed faces at dusk.

Person infront of person speak of nothing or speaking of everything in vain

For there could be nothing said without pain and violence.

Watching the bearers of my very life moving about and around one another

I know there is no hope for the bond and connection that should be there.

Preoccupied with the problems of themselves I am invisible.

Pondering the reflection in the mirror

 For I see back at me and shocked there is someone there.

Attention is not granted by the words spoken or actions taken.

So what if I disappear.

As days pass and I dwindle, there is responce.

The simple recognition and confromation of even the slightest bit of care means the world.

Although the responce is concernment

It is to me, something to hold onto.

My cries have been heard.

Wishing for the recovery of two issues now

One for the revival of several bonds that were long ago broken

And another for my body and soul of which were sacrificed

I am once again hopeful for happiness and cheer at dawn.


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I have delt with these feelings within my own home and took this opportunity to express them. Maybe it will help someone else to know that if they feel these feelings, they are not alone. Thank you

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