showing you my heart

Cut from different cloth

One of cocoa, sunbathed skin

One of snowy ivory

One of almond eyes

One of spheres


I don’t know how to phrase things

That aren’t meant to be phrased

Feelings that are too hard to capture

With any inked-in word from a dictionary


I think we both find each other confusing

And we both annoy each other to death

But there’s one thing I know


No matter what I will always love you

I will always care for you

And, too, nag at you

Because you are a true gift in my life

Even if I may not show it all the time


I have to work on

Showing you my heart

Because you are much too precious

For me to rely on sudden realization

That may never come to you

If I do not express it vibrantly


Two pieces of cloth that are so wildly unique from one another

Still destined to be sewn together

Into the tapestry of our lives



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