Show Your Joy




I go to school on the corner of Chrenshaw and Slauson

But that does not define who I am

I am a scholar

Withe the power to be me

And proving that to others is what makes me happy

Speaking of I must say that I must be given happiness

But I am always joyful

Happiness is an outside expression while joy is always inside your heart

Joy is that spirit inside of you that gives you the will power to help others and

the ability to show sympathy

Because even when you are sympathetic

You are still joyful

Having joy because out of all people you had the power of understanding

And this understanding gives you the ability to connect

And gives you the wisdom to know that no one is created the best

And that no one is perfect

Everyone has their flaws

And when their mistakes are shown

We need not bring out the claws

But rather paws

Clean cut and meaning no harm

Yes we all have our flaws

But we also have charm

And it is up to us to realize that our pros outweigh our cons 

But what makes us positive or negative people

Is which one we choose to use

Will we go deep down to find our joy

Or display the complete opposite

We have the choice to be negative or positive

And I am proud of the people who make the right choice

As I look on the news and see girls and boys

Making the right decisions in the right situations

Not putting down others because of the way that their made and

Choosing to become their best friend 

Rather than their worst enemy

And this is what makes me happy




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