Show and Tell

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 00:34 -- Cryptic

Since my elementary days I had show and tell. 
A day dedicated to showing something you hold dearly and explaining its significance to you.
A doll, a book, or maybe even a train that goes choo-choo
The objects were endless,
But as I now understand so is this day...
So like I said SINCE my elementary years I've had show and tell days
Moving on from monetary objects
And objective creations to sentimental occasions.
Always Having extraordinary intentions bottled up from self inflicted preventions
Modified and magnified
By... showing me the stars but telling me the moon is my threshold,
Impossible to surpass as if my fates decided through a caste system
Shown to society who tells individuals their worth in life. 
You know the same hypocritical society who foretells consequences of events but labels a person a snitch for warning his peers,
who shows you numerous scapegoats and excuses but tells you to take responsibility for your own actions...your own actions
Also known as human transactions
Keeping your mental traction
And Preventing hydro planing into rock bottom when presented with a downpour of so called explanations.
Telling you life and death aren't fair
But showing biased individuals and homocides instead of the fact everyone lives and dies
And I'm not too proud to tell you that, I cry sometimes about it all
Watching my peers as they fall into submission 
Showing you ethnically diverse individuals
As i Tell you there all the same misled residuals of the full capacity reciprocals

they have the potential to be
And it's a troubling series of unfortunate events

that will take the full efforts of a village to resist.
So show me individuals and ill tell you how they fall victim to societal theories
But show me a social movement
So I can tell you it's enlightening significance
Cause i can show you money and you'll tell me it's the root of all evil
But I can show you a picture of 
And remind you money was made by people
Among People who fully understand story lines behind movie sequels

but misunderstand the holy bible
I can show you an unemployed youth and tell you how he falls in the cycle of working tooth and nail to sell himself to companies without a lick of job experience
Just to be reminded he isn't experienced enough to work for these particular companies
Society tells you to be yourself
But shows you job candidates in ties they would never wear, 

suits they don't know how to pronounce,

And smiles filled with discomfort
Getting serious looks over the slightly underdressed candidate confident in his abilities and ready to do whatever it takes to produce
I can Show you an ex convict and remind you that ex signifies a life of the past. One that holds previous mistakes payed for and learned from
But the knowledge earned from these experiences never get used because four seconds. After this reminder, you are still seen as the screw up you once were, guilty of all accusations, not as the grown young man who faced rehabilitation to become a societal correction also known as an exclusion who now faces seclusion from the varying humanity who lacks clarity and sometimes even sanity just as often as those locked away
But no matter what is shown now a days it's all in how you tell it's importance that determines its severity, integrity, and clarity.


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