Shot in the Dark

Tue, 12/11/2018 - 23:12 -- RendaMo

Today’s a new day

The clouds beginning 

To give pathway for sunlight 

If I look at that way 

Who’s here at night 

When there’s not a bit of light 

To accompany the darkness of my mind

Twisting, winding, wobbling 

Around through cricks and crannies 

Of hope and inspiration where nothing 

But love lives inside. The love is unknown.

The key in which you hold. Waiting to give to another kindred soul.

With hope and inspiration still trying to stay alive.

I need you, to kill the darkness, help me feed the mind.

With you I feel as if happiness is on my side.

So will you take the key?

Are you willing to see what we could be?

Betrayal isn’t one to be made out of lust.

So something tells me you felt that happiness.

The chance. The opportunity. The moment.

Does the little shit matter?

Like your hand In mine, or the way my fingers picked out every line.

So maybe it’s time to unlock the box that is the secrets of my mind. Or if you’re willing to let our darkness grow I can understand to depths unknown.

But wait did I forget to mention I feel your tension. From across the room, yet I’ve never felt more at peace. I always slept good feeling like you could possibly be thinking about me. Me? I just told you the darkest of all evil.

It all doesn’t make sense. My heart is in a trance. I don’t think it happened by chance. You’re the one. I could actually see myself getting along with beautiful depths of smiles and giggles wanting more than anything to hear a simple word or a phrase hopefully a whole story... I could listen to you for days.  But God forbid I be caught in your glaze. The embers of my heart grow brighter with curiosity and wonder. I could lie with you all day and ponder happy thoughts of love and inspiration. I can keep your heart growing with love, love so good you feel no pain. I feel absolutely no shame. Besides leaving when I should have stayed. But my heart is just so torn. Oh the choices I’ve made. Is it all my fault? Am I only hurting myself? “Don’t linger on the past” oh so maybe he didn’t feel the happiness. I’ll take one more final chance, maybe what’d you’d call a shot In the dark...  But I happen to love you with all my heart.

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