Short & Sweet


United States
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This poem is short and sweet,
Much like someone I know.
He might be under three feet,
But he’s got some time to grow.

He’s not my son, you see,
He’s my dearest nephew,
But he’s still a part of me.

And the most I can hope for him
Is a life that’s long
And full and not grim.

But I fear this planet is falling apart,
At the hands of his parents
And my parents
And everyone from the start.

But I don’t want him to have to fix our mistakes.
I want us to see what's wrong with ourselves and

This world can be a better place.
One that will last for his life
And the lives of those with his traits.

But we’ve got to do something now,
Before its too late,
Before we're all in the ground.

So this is my call
To anyone with a nephew,
A daughter, son, or any care at all.

Go out and make a difference,
In any way you can.
Because one voice can start a movement,
And one movement can save man.

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