The Shop

Black and white tiles cover the ground
Lumps of hair lay like mounds.
The 2nd wall displays pictures of
Athletes; seen as romantic
Heroes. The 1st wall displays the
Figure known as Michael; whose eyes
Shoot arrows at any beast that comes
His way. I sit in the waiting chair,
Awaiting a new appearance.
I know it’s my turn once the razor is pointed
At me.

My eyes are shut tight as the clippers buzz.
The razor pushes unwanted hair
Off the head. Metallic claps
Foreshadow the new looks’ arrival.
Shaving cream on the forehead is
The 2nd sign. The uncovering brings
Confidence. The rapid growth of
Locks is reduced. In the end,
Paper is given with a nod, or

A natural disturbance washed
Physical memories away.
Now, tiles are of wood.
The walls are barren
Though I no longer need
A boost in the chair.
I still wait while listening to
The buzzes that fill the air.
Despite new details, the place
As long as dialogue and laughter
Are the ties that bind, the
Shop will never disappear.

This poem is about: 
My community


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