Shit You Can't Say To A Teacher

Wed, 10/16/2013 - 00:25 -- _xxshy

There's plenty of shit that runs through my mind,

Like the fact that you keep talking up until the bell rings,

Like how you believe that I'm gonna actually learn something in the 1.5768990000 seconds we have left of class

I wish I could tell you that you kinda suck at educating the minds of youngsters like myself

Your teaching style is quite inadequate to life today

I like how I graduated high school and have no clue how to buy a house

I like how I walked across that stage with such embellishing accomplishments but, yet I have no clue how to write a resume

I like that I was taught the memory and regurgitation is the only way to be successful

But on that first test in college, I learned that memory is bluff and regurgitation only happens after eating too much

I like the fact that you are never evalutaed or your ability as a teacher once you step foot in that classroom

But every week as I step foot in that classroom, I was evaluated on my ability

I wish you would learn that not every student is the same

I wish that my education wasn't dependent on your check

I wish you didn't care how many times I strolled in late

After all, what did I learn for today?


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