Shining Dark

You are the dream, the one I always wanted,

When did you turn into the nightmare, while the days I counted.

Those sleepless nights, I destroyed all for you,

How to mend it back, I have no clue.


It's not your fault, about that I am aware,

But about you, how do I stop to care?

Love happened, why though, I don't want to know,

My problems, all gone, when that smile on your face glows.


I skewed my life, all for the one light of hope.

Always aware of its nonexistence, and yet I coped.

You and only you constitute how my life runs,

Although not directly, but just like how cinnamon goes with buns.


I have tried a lot, to stop loving you, when you don't,

But trust me, it's impossible, after that smile you have shown.

Every morning, I get up with one hope in my mind,

We get along, and my world, brightly it shines.

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Wow, this is great! I especially love the last section 



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