Shine On

Bright, intelligent, glowing, filled with light,

I would say that I am bright,

Because I always try to be full of light.

Through the ups and downs and the struggles of life

I try to see the good side, the best side, no strife.


Intelligence is a characteristic that i portray,

Sometimes I lack it, but luckily not every day.

Glowing, is what people say I do,

Not really sure what it is,

My smile? My eyes? Maybe I'm just true.


I'm filled with light because I have a spirit in my heart,

That's more than just words, it's like a piece of art.

It's something that I can't begin to explain,

All I have to say is that you will just have to feel it

For yourself one day.


So if what I am is bright,

Then I'm proud to be intelligent, glowing, and

Filled with light.






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