A Shift of Values

I am bieng unhinged by myself. My mind thumbs each clever fringe, considers each miniscule membrane.

Tendrils uproot carefully, any suspicious tile. A consideration of values are levered down.

Thoughts now supceptible to any new information.

Every touch of skin.

Ever word, glance, hormone

spikes a wafty train of thought.

Shakes me up.

Subtilely, the affect of the world on my bieng is evaluated. The truth in oneself is saught after and once again I am a building block child.

Courage mustered, I...

Feel the dust settling then settled and watching the outcome. Anxiously wondering if it's a reflection of the old.

Will there be ridges? New bumps? New loops? New holes?

Relief lifts me off, head held high by "the tip of my toes!" and VIBRATE.

In th distance; what awaits?


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