She's a Hero

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 11:08 -- Tsb2014

The child looked at his mother and asked:

Mommy who’s that woman
That looks so strong, but
Cries every night in her room alone?

Or that woman who:
Smiles with only ten dollars in her pocket, but
Was hurt by several different men
That left her alone to feed five children

That woman right there who’s
Happily NOT married,
With a disowned family, but
Is working late hours in the night
Lying to the children,
Telling them it’ll be alright, but
Is secretly praying that she’ll make enough
money to at least keep on the lights?

Mommy who is that woman who
Won’t let go of her past?
Keeps holding on to the last
Putting absolutely no faith in a man
Because she stands
That woman is my hero

The woman looks at her child and explains:

Honey that is,
A Strong Black Woman

Written By: Tiranee Blocker


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