She Was...This Is


She was born into a world where love overflowed like

A river whose banks fall over rocks coming to a crashing end.

She thought she had the world ahead of her, but she woke

Up to darkness and hate. 


A world where brotherhood and family were prestige,

She had to find comfort only in her home.

She was always the prettier one, light hair, perfect teeth.

Everyone loved her. 


She was smart and popular; she didn’t have to work for much.

The “Barbie doll I never had,” they’d call her.  Maybe she was.

Or maybe she was the Cabbage Patch Doll who was trying to find herself.

Maybe she was the Raggedy Anne who longed to look like Barbie.


She fell one day; into the black hole they call reality.

She needed clarity when the sun went down and the moon was covered

By the fog in the night.  She needed a hand to guide her through the 16

Years she was living, because no one else could get it right.


She wasn’t perfect and she didn’t know what she wanted.

She wanted love, she wanted happiness, she wanted life.

The girl who was born into the world of love began to die in the hell

Of hate.  But one day…


One day she woke up in light.

There were flowers, there were tress, there was even white sand.

She was confused and she prayed.  She didn’t recognize this place.

That was when she realized, this was her meaning.


This was her purity and her happiness.  She finally realized that she was

Not perfect and she’d never be.  But who cares?

She was the Barbie that everyone wanted, but she was also the Cabbage Patch,

And the Raggedy Anne that kept little boys and girls safe at night.

She was making a difference for our young generation.


So she woke up and said, “This is ME.”


Don’t be afraid to be who you are, because someday, who you are

Will surprise you and change the world.


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