She v. He


Dark skinned.
Light skinned.
Red skinned.
Pale skinned.
Tall girls.
Short girls.
Fat girls.
Skinny Girls.

HE tends to choose
The girl that looks the best.
Not the girl that can cook,
but the girl with the looks.
Not the girl who can clean,
but the girl who is lean.
Not the girl that makes her own figures,
but the girl who is a gold digger.

And what is HE blinded by?
HE is blinded by the girl
with loads of makeup.
And HE calls that "pretty."
HE is blinded by the lust of the pretty girl,
And not the love that SHE provides.
HE is blinded by the body.
SHE may be curvy.
SHE may not be curvy.
Does any of that really matter?

When it comes down to it,
It should be all about one thing:
Quality over Quantity.
Yes, SHE is very pretty.
Would look well next to you.
SHE has flawless skin.
Long hair.
A hourglass figure.
A sway in the way SHE walks.
Sounds good, right?

But think about it...
Can SHE cook?
Can SHE clean?
Is SHE always there for you,
Rather than out shopping?
Does SHE know when you need space?
Does SHE know when you need to be held tightly?
And most of all...
Does SHE love you?
Or is it just lust,
Or for your money.

It's all about quality
Over quantity.
When it comes to choosing a girl
And falling in love.

There are many girls
in this world.
Dark skinned.
Light skinned.
Tall. Short.
Which on will be right for you?














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