She stands as tall as the Eiffel tower, but feels as small as an eraser

She stands tall with great confidence

Everything is planned out; what she's going to do, going to say, going to see

The world is hers to explore with great curiosity 

She shows the world that she is tough

She doesn't want to be like other girls

While they play with their makeup, she skins her knees and gets right back up


She gives a speak with fluidity

It's as if words are second nature to her

They flow from her mouth into a confident melody

Her words encourage people to be friends with her

She is surrounded all the time by people who admire her confidence

Making friends is just that easy when you can stand tall and speak

But please I ask of you, don't look behind her curtain


Behind it I am so small you can hardly see me

I am scared of everything I do, plan, and see

I want to go out and concur the world, but what if no one likes me?

Something as small as a stare can shoot me down and keep me there

How can I concur the world when I feel like I'm two inches tall and unable to speak?


I just want to hide away in the comfort of my room and play dress up alone

The flowing dresses and red lipstick intrigue me. 

I want to be the poster child of femininity, but what if no one likes me?

All it would take is one stare to make me feel ugly.

How can I show off how pretty I think I am when I'm two inches tall and unable to speak?


I want to talk and socialize, but whenever I try nothing comes out.

The fear of others thoughts keeps my mouth sewn shut.

I want to say and be their friend, but what if they don't like me?

All it would take is one star to make me feel like I'm an idiot.

How can I be friends with others when I fear how tall everyone is around me?

So i ask of you, please don't look behind my curtain..


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