She sits with me

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 12:33 -- rjaffar


She sits with me everyday 

Follows me everywhere I go 

Swaying her feet back and forth on the swings

Though, I've never seen her swing  

Its like she wants to learn how 

But why

I notice when were driving pass the school she stares at little children

Like she wants to play, but she holds back

But why

I know she likes eating cookies and candy

I know she likes wearing her mother's clothes

And dress up in high heels and pearl necklaces

Like she wants to be her mother when she grows up

But I've never seen her cry when she gets hurt

or look sad when she misses home

But why

She sits with me everyday

Waiting for me to talk

I wish I knew what she was thinking

Like little girl thoughts

Her actions kind of remind me of me 

But how

Sometimes I worry about her

If shes okay or not

But if i think hard enough and stare into her eyes

I'll know 

What she thinks

But how. 






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My favorite part is when i say but if i look hard enough and stare into her eyes, Ill know what she think. But how. 

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