she once was

i wonder when it changed.
was it gradual?
or faster than the blink of an eye?
i remember a time when she was my friend.
when she loved me.
when she wanted to be with me.
i didnt used to be such a burden to her.
was it her that changed?
or me?
was it me that made her stop caring about me?
i don't remember ever doing anything that gives her a reason to hurt me as much as she does.
i just want her to like me.
to stick up for me.
the way i do for her,
the way she's supposed to do for me.
i wish she didn't think it's just a mistake,
an accident that she was put with me.
i hope she knows how much i love her,
but it's getting harder to hold on.
all i know is that she was once
My Sister.
and now she's not.

This poem is about: 
My family


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