She inspires me


The river appears before me that I never knew of,

It fills me with confusion, for I never knew it.

A child, just there, just there, like a river flows before me

I look into her eyes and see her desire,

To learn, to be loved,

But behind this desire, she hides pain,

Pain that gives me purpose.


I looked into her heart

Knowing I could not comprehend the pain she feels.

I look at her and see an angel,

While others see worthless filth.


This child, this child, like a dove tries to escape the pain

But where is her solace?

She is the reason I breathe, for she is a rose in my eyes 

So delicate and frail, but left broken and torn.

I know her story, the death she sees and the screams she hears,

But I know not how to console this pain.


The teasing she goes through gives her flashbacks

I see tears materialize and she runs, 

I want to free her 

But I know not how.

She cries out silently 

Her eyes sparkle like diamonds 

She escapes 

For they haunt her nightmares 


She has been abused, to others, she seems lost, and broken

To me, she is inspiring,

Her smile yet to be seen by the world,

Although her safety is momentary,

In my arms she is safe

Not a fear in the world


She inspires me, more than artistic photographs, music, nature, or fashion.

She inspires me to help others, do my work, and spend time with others.

The introvert inside me demands solitude and quiet.

But her smile although only seen reminds of how blessed I 

She inspired me to be me and to conquer the world 


Her story brings tears to my eyes, but her laugh warms my soul

She launches me into my work and inspires me to become a psychologist

For when the day comes, I want to be the shoulder to lean on 

She inspires me to become who I should be.


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