She Grows. She Smiles

Fri, 05/31/2019 - 16:08 -- SwisM4

10th grade includes panic attacks in the bathroom 
10th grade involves fake laughter at rude jokes 
10th grade includes the first trip to a therapist 

She feels upset.

11th grade has anxiety medication 
11th grade has the start of a new, more difficult curriculum
11th grade has the start of a leadership position 
11th grade includes a strained relationship with mom 

She feels terrible.

12th grade includes looking at colleges 
12th grade gives enrollment to the one college you applied to
12th grade gives one last performance, one last time walking down these halls
12th grade gives one last assignment, test, and class in high school and anxiety to go along with it
12th grade gives bittersweet tears as goodbyes are said

Senior year ends.
She feels okay now. 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Freshman year presents new people to connect to and love and cherish
Freshman year presents a first boyfriend and a first breakup and a first heartache
Freshman years presents new volunteer positions and new jobs
Freshman year presents new classes to take and new interests to try
Freshman year presents a new place to live and explore while being close to home
Freshman year hands you the opportunity to be loud and laugh and smile and share yourself with the world

She takes it. 
She smiles wide. 

She feels good.


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