She does(n't) know

She wants to be bubbly

And she is, sometimes

She wants to be outgoing

And she is, occasionally

She wants to be a leader

And she is one, rarely

But to become that person

That periodically shows through?

She just doesn’t know


She seems to be smart

But she’s just so quiet

She does smile a lot

But when she’s not smiling

I have to ask her

Are you okay?

She says

Yes, yes I’m fine but

She doesn’t know


Wants to be confident

But her posture is slouched and

She doesn’t know


Yearns for more friends

But sticks to her small crew

Like glue, because

She doesn’t know


To raise her hand

She hesitates

Afraid to be wrong

She keeps worrying

She doesn’t know


What she really doesn’t know is that






Love this. Speaks the truth about a lot of girls out there. 

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