she didn't ask

tiana didn't ask for a prince

she was an entrepeneur

she didn't ask for her best friend to be a rich white girl

but she took it with grace

she wasn't supposed to turn into a frog 

yet she was more inspiring as one than any human princess


a black woman

wanted to make her own money

she did not ask for loans from a friend

nor did she back down when she was told "no"

she gave her money in

not his


if she never met naveen

she would have fought or

found another place or

found a new landlord

tiana did not sit down and give up 

another black woman told her 

to dig deeper

and she found everything she needed 




she wished upon a star

then worked to make it shine

do not get it twisted 

and say 

prince naveen saved her

tiana saved herself 

before there was black girl magic

there was princess tiana

before there was black excellence 

there was was tiana's cooking

before there was buy black business

there was tiana's palace

before there was carefree black girl 

there was tiana dances around her own palace 

before there was black lives matter

there was tiana and naveen are being chased hunters but frogs are smarter than humans sometimes

before there was womanism 

there was tiana inspires little black girls and young black ladies and older black women to make their dreams into reality beacuse if they do not no one will and do not wait for someone to give the opprotunity to you just take it because this is your chance and art imitates life and she is art and you are life so do whatever it is you always to do be fearless and do not let them make you feel as if you can only go so far or do so much because if you speak your mind or stand up for your rights or demand to treated with repsect you will be laughed at or hurt or killed who cares go ahead  make history and show your magic, love


tiana didn't ask for a prince

she had bigger goals than that

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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