a petite figure with short hair

who noticeably feels so much

sees so much

thinks so much

isnt she beautiful?


not beautiful so much as in how she looks

because im not so sure weve perfected what it means to think someone looks beautiful

but she might be beautiful in how she sees things

maybe its in how she thinks

or maybe its in the way she puts her earbuds in so she can tune out the world around her

maybe its in the faint foundation that covers half of her freckles

maybe its in her touch, the squint of her eyes when she smiles, her stupid little laugh at the jokes shes made

whatever it is, it surely makes someone out there who loves her swoon


but the thing is, can you see the sad things about her beautiful too?

can you look at her when there are tears rolling off of her cheeks and decide to leave them there for a minute because the redness and water in her eyes is somehow breathtaking?

can you look at the scars that cover her arms and legs and want to kiss them, not to make them better, but because they look so soft?

can you kiss every inch of her when she cant seem to catch her breath or break the terror in her eyes?

no, you cant.

because those things are simply just not beautiful.

theyre not something that can be romanticized.

they do not make her beautiful.

but that does not mean that you cant love those things about her anyway.

actually, its the least you could do if you love her enough.


its hard to focus on her sometimes

shes erratic in how she thinks and feels

talking about her feelings in colors, tracing veins on arms of her loved ones, tapping her fingers when she gets anxious, constantly messing with her hair

its obvious shes human

and its obvious that she thinks so much that she cant keep track of everything going on around her

but do you really notice?


if you havent noticed yet i really suggest you start

she is quite the character

but dont let her fall in love with you-

shell begin to compare you to things that are far greater than you.

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I love how you describe the beautiful parts and her flaws in the same poem! That way it's easy to see her as a person not someone flawless.

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