Shattered King

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 13:28 -- N1sand

Welcome to the shattered King's Palace

Where the walls and halls are filled with his bloody Malice.

He once was a King full of hope and love.

A king that anyone could have loved.

What happened to that beloved king? You ask.

Well I'll tell you lads and young lassess.

He loved a girl who was but fair and just.

That he gave her everthing.

Even his carefully guarded heart did he trust. 

That she would be his everything.

Then one day that heart was betrayed.

For her heart was swayed.

By his most trusted friend and brother.

That he dared to steal his lover.

In his jealous rage he slayed them both.

As his rage slowly  passed

The shattered king saw the bloodied path.

With his dear friend and lover.

Even in death they embraced each other.

His heart now in tatters and his dispair with no bounds.

He made his kingdom into a bloody battleground.

For where there once was a heart.

There is nothing there but a black hole where it was torn apart.

To fill the emptiness of the hole.

The Shattered king tried to fill it with the dead souls.

But even the dead depart and would only make it lonelier.

Now he mourns and cries for a Saviour.

As his people slowly leave their broken king.

With the echoes of the past that ring.

He begins to fill it with nothing but malice.

In hope that the memories will be forgotten in the past.





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