Shatter the Stone!

A good friend of mine once told me

"Close friends? You don't have them.

They're all over there, away from you,

Because you, yourself, are making a schism."

This struck me as odd, and I stopped.

I reflected on those who I knew to be...

There wasn't anyone. Then, a family trip

Trapped me in my head when all was cloudy.


Back from the sojurn, no questions answered

Why have I not a friend? Why so detached? 

I searched for someone close at school,

Even church, but not one that could take me back

To a time when a close few was all I needed.

Now, I stood alone witout a shoulder.

My heart ached like a stone cracked 

By ice, which causes even mountains to shatter!


For a time I resigned, became content, 

But as I did, a small few appeared

In the form of a wife and two kids

(It was an acting group, so nothing too weird).

While it lasted, I thought I found the group

To occupy my heart's inner circle,

But the demands of acting were too great, 

I just had no time. I left, searching for a miracle.


A year passed, and another again.

I left for Florida on a church trip.

Someone I knew alright before this

Suddenly became closer real quick.

Neither of us noticed, unti; an onlooker

Exclaimed "You're acting like siblings!"

How quaint! So we were! My heart lept

Just a few inches, still wary and cautious.


Joyfully, the "adoption" stuck. But still, I've quite

A ways to go, before the gates are opened.

My goal, no, my dream for the past 2 years

To let show all that I've bottled, kept

For a special few that would make themselves

Friends to this closed off soul. 

Becoming more open as I go, I want to show them

The same care they've showed to me!


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