To Share Traditional Animation To the world

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 09:11 -- Zekiah


I don’t see 2-D animation as much as I use to which makes me sad.

The media viewed it as kind obsolete and of course I am mad.

The creativity has been lost over the years this I have seen.

I only have a hand full of cartoons I like to watch.

But let me go back to my first spark, just

so you have some clarity of my

dream. In the genesis of

my creativity I would

observe my father.

he told me that the key

is persistence and patients

which at the time was a bother.

My childhood was called "The golden

years" because it was so sublime and carefree.

Watching Saturday morning cartoons was a must for me.

Beings a 90’s kid was freakin awesome Rugrats, Power Puff Girls,

and Batman Beyond.Looking back I don’t know why I didn’t notice it sooner.

Why did it take so long?

What I mean by that is  my talent laid dormant until grade seven.It was a period

in of my life I’d daydream constantly It was my own heaven.A place I could

escape from my hormones.Being lonely was hard, I am shy and afraid

to show my personality.In class I would appear lifeless, quiet,

staring off into space much like a drone.In high school

work is so demanding having to balance

homework and art it’s quite




Physical Science,

and Japanese it’s quite

numbersome Amongst all this

I am applying for scholarships.A

long painful struggle of writing essay and

entering sweepstakes. I can achieve my dreams

with the help of you sponsorship.My family keep encouraging

me to go to the beyond.Which enhancing my skills and creativity sharply.

A day not too long ago I’ll never forget an acceptance letter of my dream college.

It was the biggest ah-ha moment I’ve ever told myself.To construct my portfolio I’ve read books,

watched tutorials, and studied pictures to acquire knowledge . After all that I can learn my new portfolio will be my ticket. All I need is that an opportunity to finally  approach to the door to turn the knob. I’ll work for some years then branch off and do my own thing.

That when the path shift to my true goal.The experience and the

creativity is what will make my wings

To share the world with my dreams.


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