I've often wondered what I'd be
if I were something else.
Would you fascinate me so
if I were not myself?
If I could somehow magically,
change my shape and size
could I find a way to win your heart?
And make you realize,
love freely given grows and grows
and returns a thousand fold
but whatever shape I choose to take
would be yours to have and hold.
Should I become a creature small,
perhaps a tiny mouse
I'd sneak into your garden gate
and creep into your house.
All day I'd follow you about
as quiet as could be
and stay within the shadows
and watch you lovingly.
Or, perhaps I'd jump upon your shoe,
to make you start and shout
so you could grab a kitchen broom
and chase me all about.
Or maybe, I'd be a kitten
all filled with joy and light
and rub against your ankles
and purr with all my might.
Perhaps you'd hug me to yourself
and pat me on the head
and take me home to live with you
and sleep upon your bed.
Or would you like a puppy,
with eyes so big and bright
to fetch your paper everyday
and guard you every night?
I'd scare off all the burglars,
chase the cats and mice away
and keep my love for you alone
until my dying day.
I don't suppose I'd want to be
a big old rhinoceros
no one snuggles with a rhino
and I've heard they gather dust.
Zebras are cute on a grassy plain
but they're not domestic types
actually all a zebra is,
is a burro dressed in stripes.
Perhaps you'd like a bunny with
floppy ears and velvet nose
then you could feed me carrots
or whatever your garden grows.
I'd let you hug and pet me
I'd sleep on a bed of rags
and every Easter morning
I'd bring you colored eggs.
Or maybe, I'd be a canary
and chirp and sing for you
to brighten up those dreary times
that make you sad and blue.
I've pondered several options now
and I see they just won't do,
so I'll keep on being me
and hopelessly loving you.


Annette M Velasquez

After a lot of " dark" political themes, here is a lighter poem about love and cuddly animals for Valentine's Day... Enjoy! Please comment.

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