Shame on Regret

Shame on regret ; I shouldn’t have said that .

Heavy is the guilt upon my back .

Shame on regret.

My womb consumes itself from the inside out.

Oozing lava from my eyes, ears, and mouth- that has a life of it’s own,  

folding back on itself and engulfing me.

Shame on regret, can’t wash blood from stone. 

A perpetual, percussion ensemble ;

“pitter-pat, pitter-pat, POW.

 pat-pitter, pop, BOOM ”pending  implode.

Shame on regret.

With every attempt to escape,

the sticky mass constricts tighter-

crushing my head toward my feet, and my feet to my head –

until I cant no longer stand.

Shame on regret.

The center of the shapeless blob, that once resembled a person,

painfully throbs with each strike of the drum .

“dun-dada-dada, dun-dada-dada

 pitter-pat-pat-pitter dun”

Shame on regret. You’ve swallowed me whole.

“Pitter pat.”

Shame on regret; can’t wash blood from stone.

“Dun- dada-dada”

Shame on regret; I shouldn’t have said that.

“Pat- pitter POW”

 Shame on regret; take it all back.



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