Shadow on the Stair


Once when I was still shy and young, I slept on my bed for the darkness of the absent sun,

I woke up with alarm and urgency in mind, for nature was calling at that time.

I proceded out of my sheets and covers,  and start towards my batroom yet another,

The stair I passed to the bathroom I did, and then the night's terror had un-lid.

Now I lived in New Orleans at the time, and to hear footsteps above was as common as a dime,

The paranormal stomps troubled me not, and so I did my business without a stop.

After washing my hands and slightly closing the door, and wandered past the stair once more,

The ghostly footsteps still marching on, I went to bed to sleep till past dawn..

I got comfy and cozy and then turned on my side toward the stair, I wish I would've shut my door so I didn't see what was there,


I turned towards the window by fliping to the opposite side, noticing the footsteps had stoped at that time,

I put my head in the covers wandering what would be of me, the future I could not see!

I would have exclaimed in terror for my Father, to have come and give me cover,

But, alas I couldn't utter a peep, so I waited for what seemed like days to sleep.

That next morning I told my Father what went on, He calmed me saying nothing hurtful was done,

But, something hurtful had been happend to me, I carry this haunting memory long after leave that apartment did we.


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