Shadow Child

Fri, 03/08/2013 - 17:55 -- Haleymh


United States
39° 13' 26.6088" N, 108° 35' 37.7232" W

In the shadows
Hides a small body
She's warm cream and soft wind
But her face is dried tight with fear
She's watching for the man
While the shadows around her whisper protection
She knows that he's coming
Coming to make her
Work long days
In fields of green and gold
Or pushed into hard beds
With unforgiving hands
She trembles and whimpers
But perhaps the shadows will hide her
Perhaps she can run again
And then
Another shadow falls across her
And she looks up
Loosing herself completely
As she looks into the eyes
Of a monster
Dressed as a man
And when they are gone
A shadow child sits huddled
As though it is
A body in the grave

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