a shadow ascends

a boy shivers,

though no glacial nerve rests within his skin;

a boy’s shivers are trembles,

screams in physicality for stars to align and

shed euphoric relief upon his flat presence;

a boy’s tears are red,

the scent of metallic despair mimics the

blade that is clinched against his sweaty palm;

a boy breathes, final preparation

for a desperately desired conclusion;


keen love gently kisses a boy’s wrist,

as an angel abruptly births herself into his vaccinity;

a boy’s neck is stroked by silk fingers,

a boy drops his weapon and

his wound is healed by an angel’s lips;

a boy is now a man;


a man has grown,

he has drowned so he may now swim;

a new tide of living rushes the shores;

salt water to hydrate the heart and replenish the mind;

a man now smiles,

his life granted freedom from the shadow so cumbersome

a man could not walk;

that very demon ascends from his soul, so

a man learns to fly;

now, a man may love,

a man may breath,

a man may know who he is,

a man may live


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