Sex Ed


Hello My Name is Anshul
And I have a secret I’ve been keeping from all of you
Im 16 and Pregnant

Now Just bear with me while I try to make an extended metaphor with this surrogate fetal infant and the complex functioning organ we know as our brain.

I have been consummated, no, not with actual genitals, but with the sweet caress of knowledge and without a condom may I say.

This pure stream of endless nouns, adjectives, and verbs have bent my brain over and whispered sweet nothings into its ear; all while I sat strapped to my small wooden desk 8 to 5 trying to make something out of this dull time I call school.

And after I lit my figurative cigarette and laid my head back on the metaphorical pillow I truly understood what had just happened.

Through my blindness, I had been seduced by the lyrical lapses of language, the ups and downs of enunciations drew my eyes to attention as rhetorical devices spun me around in circles.

The equations of math had my knees weak and wobbly collapsing my motor skills as sweet release could not come sooner, but twas not in my future. The numbers danced in my face, teasing my nodes, always challenging my boundaries, but never offering satisfaction.

My interests began to peak with heavy heaves as my breathing became rugged and shallow. My eyes spun in my head as my feet forgot where my body ended and the floor began. My climax came as a current of answers to questions I never asked, but knew now

And between the carnal activities of sweet lovemaking my brain had only one phrase in response.

What The Hell

I had been impregnated with an idea. An Idea that the pure joy of knowledge is much better than sex. 18 years of education seems to entice me more than 18 years of child support, 18 years of disappointment, 18 years of making ends meet, 18 years of putting my life on the sideline for the life of a small mind. 18 years of lost chances, hopes, and opportunities.

And yet I stand here before you with a baby in my hand.


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