this sewn Alchemy

this Sewn Alchemy...


seven gods in liquid hiding, this in sureness on in spending this sure hour,

this world plagued by sickness, not darkness, this sickness of evil, creeping in over good through all directions, this innate

darkness, this sickness followed, borne, this true form, this world, this world in my own form, this form, this form doing form, back

against th'other shore, this shore, that maw, this maw, this world, this world, this world, this world, this life, this world, this world

this world order, this world ordering, this world ordering, this world, ordering, this life, in blood, this lifeblood, this war renown,

this war renown, this world, this world, this world, this world, this war, this war, this back, this war, this war, this life, this taken

this taken, this taken,

and they took our young...

they took all our friends, these, on the outskirts, these, susceptable, this sure in one love, and yet, they would fall,

and fall,

this world

taken, gone away, this in taking over, this sure overture, this life, back swept, this surely tekn on, this in, this of

this world, surely taken on, gone and on, this in sureness this is taking over this one regard, this one renigging backwards in, this over

this overture this was taken, this was sure, this sure in, this sure in my own regard, this regarding this in sureness, this in taking

over backwards under this in sureness this in taking this old scroll in foreborene waiting this sureness taking over of our lives in this

this sickness palling

this world, in sickness, and death,

this sure in, seven torrents of consciousness

these seven, sure begotten, spoke no tongue to one another,

there, seperated by sea of darkness not

seas of dred

seas of sickness and loathing, these; mounds of hell,

this world renown in sure aperture tithing, this world, was gone on in for in forever, this sure torrent, this sure torrent taken back

aback in, this world ordering, this world in my life, this world, in our living pattern spending this regard, this in loathing this was

taking that forsaking this regard, this regarding that one taking over more, more in Life, this regarding that one taking, this one

faking it for her, this was gone, this was gone, this was gone, this was taken overture, this was gone in overture, this in loving

backwards over, this once, sure

this in life and loathing there was, no light, but not really not, or, this in, but, there was differences, these, in thinking, this was

our life, we, homogonized, this world, we, take it apart, this world, back in reordering, this world, this world, put it back, set in place, more over

here, this forthe sure, sure, so that means, we, invented time, as you know it, this world, there you are, back in our darkness, this

pleasant darkness of though, bbut this was white, it was granted sickness, this was black, this in colored fonts overlaid, this, is


this world in our order this one order this in taking over more, this song, sung poorly, this once in our life so bring this back to time

bring this back to time, this was gone in for, this was, we invented, music; the ultimate weapon

this world, this starter, this world in our renown this begotten sure in ours, forward, this forward, this was gone on in for

this in sure our lives, this for, this starter, this once in surely taken over more in lives

this sure, surround,ing! this sure, surrounding! this life, this cause; this one ageless one called fore tu know....

We summoned Goku, me and, this other, Bass, this life, sure, Reptile, this life, me, namely, Myth, this once, sure in, this cause, sure back

Goku is ageless, this, King Kamehameha, but, we built a sword, for him, and summoned him through it, and through a boy, destined to

become seeker, for all eternity, but like, a really happy, fun eternity, this in sureness, this in life, this back, forsaken this taking

of and on in our regard, this world, sure take me, over more in my only regarding this time, this course, this taken, this taken course

forthe sure forgotten so in time, this world, this ancient world, this world sure in ours but built for this renown

this life sure in my life this was gone in for this Temple of Thyme,

this sure, music, to my ears, this, life, sure in, my hearing back again! this back, back, taken, back again! this back, again!

this boy, drew our sword, and called in his voice, for one such age as his, gone for, this in thyme, this music sure in spending this

once sure back in time, so sure forthe, put the sword back, and he returns to one timeline, or another, or another, because with this

sword, and with his owen bow, he can change time on his own, and surely, jump back and forthe between future heaven or future hell, this

in surest regarding, he can, change timelines, this once, this forsaken, this world, this forsaken, this link between worlds not, but this

hero not of time, but of record not, this in all regardings, he is, Goku, and is not eternal, not really, he's very very eternal, but this

gone in forthe sure in spending, this in mending, this forsaken back to pleasure sure on in, this regarding, this a day, before, the

seven dragon balls, this before th seven elements, really, because we created space, sure, but that was in music, in thyme, this sure in

rhythm, this space IS thyme, thyming! This rhythm! You can travel sure further than fast this approaching this regarding this once, sure

fire in, this once, sure fire, fuse,, this once, fuse, this once, back, this, set back, back, set, back, this jetstream!poW!

this sure spending of, not in, back in spade, this world, this world, this world,

these seven were divided not in deeds or in love, but in world renown, this in one world, tu another, and so in language, in harmony,

this division stood

this division stood

this division stood tall, this was high, this division stood tall, this was, high, this was, high, this division, stood tall

so sure, learn to fly

the air bender

this nomad becometh,

became the padawan

the learner

of all

the learner of all the seven elementals; his own rites, and these six others, to forge ahead and build this universe, this in waiting

sure regarding, this sure living, loathing back not, this rising, this current, he learned the seas, first, this, water, this sure fire

this sure fire not,

he built the will, to move through time, this thyming, this world, this music, this, green light, was his will, to fly!

so tu fly, there was air

and so to know the sea, was to know how to swim, instead of fly

this he created a new course in dimension

this Poseidon

this Corwin

this Weston,

this world, this world, this world, this world, this world, this world, this world, this world, and through HIS dimension, to be breached,

was this world ordering, so that we two, Myth and Corwin, could break apart this surrounding scape of though in mild regarding this lava

mending not, but this in surest regard, there was a world between whispers in the seas, this world, sure so we sung, and to sing in water

is to move so differently from air above, but sea and air are forever mixed, in this life, this world, back in sureness, this air, this

air, this air, this world, this world, this sea, this ocean, this ocean, this sea, this sea, this world,

this whisper back in time so spent

but first, I had to learn the seven elements

oh, she knows one

this back in thyme!

she could sing the heart songs; this world the love in order of found finding this regarding, this heart song, this was gone, this

gone on for, this was back, back, in life i know, this world I know, this life we breathe, sure inside of me, this in my regard, this was, our,


she created sexual intercourse?!

yes. she did. a lot.

Sure in sew, this world we'd know, she came to this world, just as soon as her ideas were pronounced, in the form of female and male

sex organs and wills, for both this world in sure gone in for, we had, sure in, this one regard; music, but this regard; beauty, this was

all that life was; beauty, creation anew, again and again, this in everlasting beauty, but then plagued by sickness always, but sure

forthe, we are eternal, and I have invented time, so I know, they, are, not....

They cannot create music, so they are not eternal

they cannot create music, so they are not eternal

they will run out of time, this timing rhythm set in beats, this ultimate weapon this defeat!

we would have invented time whether there was sickness or not, we created music, remember, is what the invention of time is called, music

sung back in this regarding, this sure pattern set in life, this once in life, this sure, created space, too, this world, so sure

as there was space, we floated?

I floated. I was free. They were set begotten in regards to one another, this lifeform thought of that lifeform, this matrix out about

that world, so I created the will to move?

this world, I created music in one regard; through air

i creatd the matrix of which all things move through air

so there, created, is air

it's an elemental matrix of high regarding,

you must, breathe, with, the air, around you, this in sureness, this in spending, this sureness, this love, so, I was a music expert, this

in our creating, and created a complex thought algorithm set, to use for anyone who dared venture my way, to use this was for that way

and using this power of Will, this green light, Poseidon, Corwin, created a completely different one, called water, this sure sign, this

back against th'other, this back against th'other, that once, sure in, this life, back again, this world, surely taken of and in this w

orld this world, this world, this world, this world, this world, this world, this world, this w orld, this w orld, this w orld, this w

orld, this world, this life, this life, this life taken back, this world, this world, this world, surely in,,,...

this in higher regarding, I wept, but badly sure, for this, in our weeping, we knew this salt mixed with air was in water not, but in

sand, and sure on in, this earth, was our mixing for bodies, for he Apollo hath creatd dirt, or soil, or, a new thought matrix for

music to move through. A new vessel for time. He created earth, this body, this world, body, we were, definitely, noncorporeal, but moved

through seas and sands not, but this world, back in ordering, came earth before not fire, but this was life, fire was hot, this was change

this was fire, fire was earth and change mixed, this world, this renown, it was, planet, this world, this renown, fire comes from planet

but planet is mixture, so sure in this, the third, was not this orange color not, but this orange, light, this medium, to move through

heat, this energy, this change, heat, is change, and always changing, always more heat, always shifting, this cooling, that, this water,

sure change heat better or different than air??

this was gone, this sure in, this orange light, this heat, this moisture not, but this in taking over, this sure in, this heat, needed

moisture, this in our regardings, heat needed moisture of water, so sure, water came before heat, this air, this air, back in, this world

these four, back again tu earth, this in earth, earth needed water, this world, in, this world, in, this world, in, this world, in this

world, in, and air, but then, this was only after there was heat, to move and shift the environment as will? But sure, came first, the

dance of the dead, this sure in, this dance, wriggle about, ply, with the earth, and it WILL move, sure, eventually, but This! heat came

first ANYWAY! So he used the shit out of heat, for earth, and used the shit in the earth, for earth, and this was gone on in, this earth,

this shit in the earth, for earth, this world, he created a medium for burrying things, and people, enemies, these people, we could bury

things for SO long in time, thanks to somebody special; our first earthbender, this in sureness, this in love, and this back gainst, this

world, this sexual intercourse bending, this world in, we got this, from the changeling, she who moves through time in so many different

completely alien patterns that she has no age but has thousands of ages, this changeling, forever eternal and different from teh constant

Goku, ageless and different always but sever more Goku, than Goku, but always was he Goku,

This King, Ka, Me, Ha, Me, HA!

We invented swords FOR king kamehameha, honestly. This was back against th'other, this in sureness, back against one shroe, to th'other,

this in sureness, this in landing, this sure backwards, this in mending, this word, was so taht he could rend, and he invented blood

for this in sureness, a sword was crafted sharp, and our bodies were crafted not, but this in surest regard, he was our RAGE for centuries

before we summoned him through the sword of time, this world, this master sword, this world, this sword of truth, this world, so surely in

he created the ripples of time through which truth moves most current

he is himself, and so God, but this in life, not, our, god, but, his own, this red god, this world god, this world, this in my own renown

but he was this feeling, you KNOW when the truth is there, before you, you KNOW when you're truly in love you KNOW when you're going to RIP

that animal APART!

This was sure in knowing, and, AND, to confuse you, so I could explain what rage really is.

this world surely taken, on, this world, this world, this wasn't taken on, this wasn't gone, this wasn't gone, this wasn't gone, this

life in fire, this world in fire, this was gone, in for, this world, change too fast? change too fast? this will rend you apart, this was

gone, you'll be, defenseless, and so the yellow lantern was born, this yellow fear, this world, fear this fire, this is, too hot, this

yellow in fire? Sure, too hot, too hot, this word, watch it change, change it back to orange? this world, this world, this world,

this blue in fire, this means, there's earth in here, chemical, so earth or solid, this solid, this butane, this gas, this world, this

world, this gas, this world, this world, this gas, this fire, this mineral, this chemical, this burns abright, alight, this hope, for

change, and so water is hope, this world, this life, back in our regarding, this regarding, stem the tides of air, this world, sure, hope

for something this agent of change I know, this, world of change i know, this world in going back in sure regarding this one in sure, this

was gone on in innit for, this was gone so surely this was blackened this was blackened this was gone, this was, gone, on in, for this one

course, this only course, this in sureness, this temming of our ownly tide, this world woar, this was taken, this woarld this woarl, this woarld,

this life was taken, back in our misery, this was gone on in this for, this Apollo, who created the thought matrix for music that is sound not

but this world of earth, this movement, this shadow, this blackness, and so black is his rite, this world was strictly of this light, this

world in light, the will to move, this was green, shades of green, this world, this music shaded so, this was gone, this was gone, this

life was gone, this was gone, this was, green for black, this was, green for black, green was searching for black, in its depths, this one

regard, this world regard, this was gone, this was gone, this was gone, we dove, this world, I, Myth, dove,




this world, this world of black, and became his padawan

this world, this world, this world, this world, this world, this world, this world, the first, avatar, this, I gathered the seven immortals

in arms against this evil, this, scikness, this world sickness, this world, this world, this in fear, this was rage, this was change, this was hope

this was witness this was this first love, sex, this this this means war, this this will, this will means, this will means war, this world, this world, this changing

world, this world, this life, in my fire, this world, this world in my fire, this world, this world, in my fire, this world in my fire

this world, this world, this world, this one world, this was gone, these seven elements, to be learned and crafted by me alone, in the

beginning, and then, the others, to follow, this in surest regard, this was life, but teh changeling spokest to me, and sayid that when

I train'd seven new avatars, besdies these five, then she would be mine next student, this was gone on in for, this world in life

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