I've only had one boyfriend

-we went out for three days,

he liked me but I didn't like him back.

I only said "yes" so he would shut up during History class


My parents marriage fizzled out a year ago next month.

Their divorce was finalized the first day of my Junior year,

my brother's first day of high school. 

My mom married a nice guy who she had been secretly dating for over a year.

And Dad joined a dating website and met his girlfriend.


I had one friend who sat with me at lunch.

Became friends with a girl who used me.

Became friends with a guy I could never bring home, much less date.

Became well-liked by teachers,

And hated by my class valedictorian,

who called me "slut" on the regular basis.


I had my good days, and my bad, 

and I survived being 17.



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