Seven years of chasing

Dear Kayla ,They say roses are red and violets are blue but i say everyday that im deeply in love with you we're real to all situations together so I know it's true always know i have your back through thick and thinyou brighten my day everyday even if you just show a grin I'll turn it into a smile to a hug then a kiss our relationship will take off let's start off with this all i ever wanted was you by my side at a very young age i was ten you were ten on a corresponding page but as my eyes engaged on you something changed it was a feeling that know will always stay the same did you do something for me to me to always feel this way seven years my feelings for you has never changed baby just know that i don't find that strange discovering new ways to protect you from the pain so as i approach you the first time of my life i said nice to meet you but my knowledge wasn't as precise fifth grade was the first time you came into my life you was quiet and shy but you've always had the beauty of a butterfly I thought to myself what could i do to make you mine do i have to wear shoes that attracts your eyes or do i have be a young gentlemen and make sure you don't cry you had somebody else that made you smile i wish I i was in their shoes but i didn't know how so i just forgot it and stayed with as much hope as possible middle school comes im thinking i have a chance to get you still looking like my humanized angel i could just tell you was meant for me i was only eleven but vividly i was still able to see that you were the only ten i seeeven in my dreams that's why i slept sweet everyday when i walked past you in the halls i wanted to let you know i'm here whenever you take a fall compliment on you how nice you looked though i was nervous my hands constantly shook my pickup lines for you was barely working but i was still young can hurt to try im learning we held a couple conversations as sixth grade went by and i still didn't have you as my baby like a lullaby i never gave up on you seventh grade i gave it another try as always you looked so gorgeous thinking like lord why this girl is so amazing it's crazy her personality im craving and it's so tasty this the one and only lightskin i want we spoke more and it gave me the goosebumps thought to myself is she opening up more of a friendly conversation in your thoughts couple weeks later as i walked by you again you had someone making you smilei know i didn't fail again pretended it never happened i'm going to get you one day Kayla Johnson my hopes never went down the drain i promise you that eighth grade i just hoped to get back on track we we're always good friends that will forever be cherished i plan one day to have you to plan a trip to paris can't think to fast im still on to you my energy chasing you will never be throughi felt us getting closer and closer deep into the year so deep it felt like i was shedding a tear because all i wanted was you to be near i had faith into us always i did that with no fear as eighth grade was wrapping up we had a school dance i figured this could be my one and only chance to look for the prettiest girl on the cruise that stands i found you would you like to danceyou said yes we're getting closer in advanced went home that night and wanted to text you but i didn't want to rush anything with you we're becoming high schoolers less than 6 months excitement builds up i want you with me to begin freshman year am i worthy enough yet ? do i have to wait for my chance still i got to find out i go for you again if i get rejected by youtrust me i won't pout inside my mind all i heard was a shout i'm getting closer and closer i could feel it kayla im telling you if you have a bruise i'm here to heal it just want to let you know that i'm here i wont ever leave there's many things that i want to achieve with you to back me up as a relieve smile for me one time future baby you said you want to focus on your schoolwork respect all for you whatever makes you excel first always know i'll guide you like a tool merch freshman year sprinted its way by so quick before it hit i got told i had to move away for sophomore year that's it I felt like me chasing you would be over but it didn't i was lucky like pot 4 leaf clovers two years later after i moved i still had thoughts about you I don't know if you thought bout me if not its cool I understand i wasn't there to contact you everyday I was slacking with communication shame right in me sophomore and junior year was a eyeopener it gave me the tools and knowledge become more stronger I don't want you to think of me as a loner just because i chased you for years it's for a reason i just need a coupleyears to change up my gears you'll be surprised with what i for you this timei'll cover up all the pain you ever experienced i'm your human tissue from all the crying senior year beginning in a month  i text you we did a lot of catching up couple weeks later feelings from you actually started to develop i was smiling harder than ever what did i do to you towards you to be clever it worked and that's all that matters the days you have with me will be the opposite of sadder while were together we have to train each like a master talk sense into each other like a personal pastor everyday heart beats faster and faster i thought to myself i can stop running cause i finally got her yes i finally said seven years of chasing and i'll never regret it 

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