The Seven Dwarves revisited

Snow White made some changes

and inspired those seven dwarves

She applied the lessons learned

and changed her life for the better

Dopey took notice, he made his move

and became a motivational speaker

Doc was next, he changed his course

and made his life less bleaker

Bashful changed his approach to life

and became so very brave

Grumpy sought to create smiles

and became everyone's fave

Sneezy took a remedy

and his sneezes were no more

Sleepy bought a coffee pot

and never more did snore

Happy was last but not least

and saw no need to alter

for he'd already reached his goal

and never more would falter

Snow White took notice of the dwarves

and the changes they had made

and came to realize

that changing oneself for the better

can improve many other lives





This poem is about: 
Our world


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