Setting Myself Free

The world belongs to my backpack and I

Amazon divine

I belong to nowhere and no one,

Not to you.

I give my love away generously,

Because it's mine,

Not yours.

I am woman,

I am wolf,

I am divine human spirit.

I am kind but I am not weak.

My kindness is power.

Your hatred is just vanity.

And you say you hate me. Who, me?

I see nothing in my mirror but a familiar haze

And she smiles a wobbly saccharine smile

and asks "have we met before?"

For she does not know me nor I her

but still she is familiar

Like a scar you see everyday

becomes invisible

so do I.


So strange I shouldn't be.

But so laughably simple, trivial, de minimis.

Animal and void.

Animal who eats and sings but maybe it's not real say thee.

Say me what else is there to be?

I speak clearly,

You talk in riddles.

I'm a fool,

But so are you.

Long ago,

I grasped at the callus on your thumbs

Trying to read you like Braille.

But when I held your hand,

It burned me.

I won't waste more

Of my energy.


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