Serrated Memories

Mistakes from the past
still takes its toll today
the everlasting effect of
one forsaken night
I look back and think
how stupid and pathetic it was
I wish I could take the night back
Maybe things would be different
But I wouldn’t know
Maybe things would be different
Mistakes from the past
still seep into my dreams
Thinking about how my words
cut the air and ripped it with no remorse
just to find the broken pieces
in my heart all serrated
I often think how cool we could have been
maybe even a relationship
But who am I kidding?
that you would want me
A silly girl in love with you
If I had the chance
I would truly tell you how I feel
I like your determination to make it
without telling everyone you know
I like your sense of humor
how you would always make me laugh
I like how I could just talk to you
without any pressure
Then I would apologize
Apologize how dumb I sounded
how awkward I made you feel
I just hope you accept my apology
I’m not asking for too much
Just want your time and your company
Just don’t turn away
Cause I can’t stand this awkwardness
It’s killing me inside
Looming over me like a dark cloud
I made a mistake and I learned from it
Now please tell me everything is fine.


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