The Sentinel's Prayer Before Dying in Battle


United States
41° 30' 55.6344" N, 87° 33' 33.6996" W

Sweet, dear Mulciber
God of iron and forge
Hear my plea, humble as I am
and answer me with conviction.
Because I have a stalwart heart,
because my courage exceeds my breath
Grant me the gifts of your labor.
Lend unto me the arrows of Truth
the aegis of Providence
the sword of Heracles
The rampart of lightning
My spirit is stout and taut
anticipating the indiscriminate clash
that will birth my demise - or another's.
And should I meet my death in battle
let no blame be placed upon thy perfect works
and thy tools shall next descend to someone worthier.
But should you allow me to taste victory,
remind thy servant it is by no work of his own;
And let your blade
in any of its forms
be emblazoned into history; I, its humble vessel.

This I've asked through countless struggles
today I come to ask again
allow that I bear your limitless glory
Amen, amen, amen.


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nice poem

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