Wrathful winds full of rage,

Blowing away,

Smashing to pieces,

The world of ordinary folk.

If you were there?

When out of sheer innocence,

They unlocked the doors to their hearts,

Not knowing the tempest unruly,

Is there to linger.

Fire engulfed the very house,

In which they often dwell,

But hey, it’s all good

Such abodes don’t need to stand,

Where one lives in fear,

Chains breaking or latches crumbling,

The day shall be near,

Where angels live without fear,

Hold on to the hope,

Go on let them know,

You are the master of your life,

No matter how much they try control,

You can conquer,

Keep the fire burning as ever,

Don’t let the gusts make you fear,

You shall overcome it soon.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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