A Sense of Hopelessness


It’s the sight of your mother throwing up in the kitchen,

Her face red as a tomato,

For whatever reason, unable to keep the food down.


It’s the smell of your pug’s pee soiling the carpet,

Knowing he can’t control it

Or walk away from it.


It’s the sound of sobbing after your grandfather’s death,

Knowing that there’s no way to stop it,

Just like there’s no way to see him again.


It’s the taste of fear when a boy asks you out.

You’re terrified that you’ll mess up,

Or he is just kidding.


It’s the touch of your cousin’s scarred wrists when she hugs you.

You have no idea why she does it,

Why she chooses to harm herself.


It’s the feeling of knowing you are doing everything you can,

Everything possible to help,

And knowing that there’s no way to help everyone.


But sometimes even the smallest support can give a little hope.

Sometimes, that reassuring hand on your mom’s shoulder can mean so much,

Sometimes, that sense of hopelessness can be overcome by love.


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