Senior Year at Its Finest

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 23:45 -- Pablo12

I wake up to the smell of success

Eggs and Bacon sizzling on the stove

A commute compose of five stops

Avoid the tardy bell

If not, detections on Saturday

Nine hours of school, be equip with a snack

I begin to question the purpose

I decide to look up in the sky

I see an airplane in the clouds

That’s my motivation

In the future soar through the clouds

The sky is the limit to others

To me I want the sky to be my work office, Furthermore,

I wake up to see the smile of the pretty girl I like

Be lucky get the middle slice pizza given at lunch

Strawberry milk mustaches awaits me

Maybe finally past chapter one of my calculus book

To top it off watch my teacher experience with liquid nitrogen ….

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