The Senior Coming of Age Transformation

There are some ways I am the same.

There are some ways I am different.

As a senior, I am in the bay,

As the unforgiving tide pulls me out to open waters.


Last year, I was dawn's early light.

Now, I am the glorious dawn on the mountains.

Beautiful and one of a kind,

Blink and you miss me.


Last year, I was more naive to the world around me, 

not quite understanding everything, sometimes they just fly

right over my head. I was also less stressed, just

focusing on passing my classes. But, it is different this year!


This year, I am getting ready to fly the nest.

I am the butterfly coming out of the cocoon.

Now I am facing decisions: more education or work?

I also balance everything else as a typical student.


I face an uncertain future in a competetive world

with fears of the unkown and an adventurous spirit.

I await any challenge the world will throw at me,

and I will fight, jst as I have will all the rest of them.


Beware world, I am the Next Generation!

I am coming at you with everything I have.

And I will take you down. You have not seen anything yet.

Get ready, because it is Game. On. 

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