Send My Farewell To Heaven

I grieve for him but will not let you know. 

I pretend to be okay, so that it gives you hope. 

Farewell, Farewell, Dad, we miss you all too well. 


Gone too soon, I can only ask myself why. 

I hope you adore your home in the sky. 

Easter of 2019, one of the hardest days of our lives. I am 

with my family but all I can think of is your grand smile. 

Your warm embrace, the way you always filled the room

with a wonderfully scented aroma of men's cologne.

Farewell, Farewell Dad, we miss you all too well.


Tears swell in my eyes at the thought of you not being 

here. Why did you have to go?

We know that Heaven promises you the much needed 

rest that you deserve. Free from the world but we 

Were not ready for you to be gained as an angel.


We do not talk about you to each other. In fear that 

one of us is too fragile for the topic. I still want to cry

Everytime I look at the young woman because

of how much she resembles you. To heal is 

a never ending process, to say the words “My dad has

passed away” is a hard sentence to digest. 



It is all I can say for now, our minds are numb with grief,

our hearts are heavy with sadness. 

But we love you Dad.

We never stop thinking of you,


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My family
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