You're so selfish in the way you love me

You get angry when I cry

You put me in a position to have to calm you down

You tell me I'm not the only one, when all I want is for you to 

Shut up.

Hug me. 

Kiss me. 

Make me feel special.

So stop.

Dont put me in a position to have to calm you down.

Dont make me feel like everyone else.



It's for these reasons, I refuse to call you my King.

My King doesnt love me selfishly.

My King will die, for my wrongs to be undone.

And he wont whine or wail about it on the way down.

My King will suffer for me, and give me hope

because see, my King doesn't merely give me light to see, he gives me light to be.

My King.

He doesn't love me selfishly.


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