I see me one way.

You see me another way.

You see me: 

Short with brown hair,

Thick in the legs but perfectly shaped body,

A face of an angel,

Pretty brown eyes and soft brown skin,

A personality to die for!

But she doesn't look like all other girls.

And she doesn't wear make-up.

Maybe a little eye-liner and mascara,

but no foundation or concilla for her eyebrows.

Should I talk to her?


Is that all you see?

I see me:

Heart as pretty as gold,

Sweet as alyssum,

As delicate as a new born baby.

Don't hurt her!

She's been hurt enough.

Make her smile and feel good about herself.

She already thinks she's not as pretty as other girls.

Hair down their backs, eyebrows did, and make-up to die for.

Do I need to wear all that to be pretty too?

I guess that's what everyone likes now-a-days.

Well this is a picture,

And I dont have any of those qualities.

I just want to impress someone.


It's just ME.

Maybe they'll like ME.

One day? I don't know.

Only one way to find out,



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