"Self reflection or some shit like that"

I lay in silence
Breath held
staring at a night sky
Trying to grasp the depth
Of what I’m looking at
The path before me
Clearly lit by the light from the moon...
two hundred thirty eight thousand and 900 miles away...
I can’t comprehend that!

The core that makes my body tick
Planted only 4.8 inches inside my chest
Replacement parts available if need be
But no hope for the needy
Wonder if it’s chasing a dream...
Or maybe just an attempt at greed,
Chop it how you wish,
I know I stacked a riddle inside an enigma
With this...
Just another thing I can’t comprehend

Ever heard the one about the boy asking questions to a psychiatrist?
Maybe I’m just as thick
Probabably need that little kid...
Cause in my head, is a laundry list
Of more shit I can’t comprend!

Like how we kill the violent
with a swift dose of medicine...yet drag
the still yet born, passive tenants
from a womb they never asked to even be in?

What about the veteran...took bullets
for a plan he didn’t believe in,
because it was under the banner of a flag that gives freedom...
Lost his legs while we never even had to fight...
Now he barely has a pot to pee in,
While even the brokest among us have more rights than a North Korean.

Is that sound behind my head
A lark
Or a nightingale?
I can’t recall which loves to sing
But I’m gonna lay still
Maybe he’ll teach me
New songs with less grit
A melodic breathing method
Something less hectic
Than the gasps I’m taking
To press back tears



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