Self-Inflicted Inspiration


After failing to uncover inspiration

For the 52nd time in one hour

You begin to question your worth

Confront the illogical comparisons


Remind yourself;

 you are not Mozart

Not a hint of Rembrandt in your blood

You are the predecessor of your past

A story untold to millions of eyes and ears 


We can recap the souls of every genius on Wikipedia

Your mind is a brand new episode

In an ongoing television series.

We will only tune in

If you are showing us something

We have never seen before


When feeling your mind is empty


you’re mind is not meant for equivalence




Welcome derision.


If your ideas are not offending someone

They are not innovative

We are here to challenge the consistent

The liberals are the seed of progress


Your mind is a sponge

With brilliance matriculating

and hiding

In every pore

There Is not one ounce of empty

In your genius of a mind. 


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